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Contacting a psychotherapist is always a serious step for anyone who realizes an inability to rid of personal difficulties. The decision to start therapy is not always easy but it is what marks the beginning of a new and interesting journey.

Clients' requests can range from help in coping with an acute situation such as the sudden break-up of a relationship or the death of a loved one to the analytically considered intention to correct aspects of their personality that have been preventing them to live a full life over a long period. Depending on the motives for the client's appeal we bith make a descision about further tactics.

I can say that I prefer deep therapy with a gradual study of the causes of a particular problem. The first appointments should be about reducing emotional tension, searching for support and building a resource that will help to cope with a difficult situation. The next step is an amazing dive into the world of the unconscious. During each session I try to discuss the causal relationship, look for their roots in the past, in the relationship with parents and other relevant people considering the individual and unique history of the client. Each session allows us to see unexpected facets of the self, previously unnoticed ones, to feel it’s origins and the effects produced in the present. Without any advice or guidance from me it’s possible to rebuild the life scenario and correct the problems that push people to make the same mistakes.

Thus a difficult divorce (once the emotional state has stabilized) will allow us to discuss unconscious motives for choosing that particular partner to gradually move towards changing the unconscious inner scenario. Exploring the experiences of severe phobias will carefully lead us to points in the past where panic reactions to events hidden from consciousness have already originated. It takes some time and the duration of the therapy is always negotiated while the changes are permanent.

I’m very careful and responsible about psychological support therefore I will never impose meaningless goals on a client. Psychotherapy which for the casual and uninitiated eye may seem to be an intuitive and incomprehensible field is a precise and structured specialty that allows everyone depending on their personal characteristics fundamentally rebuild the life. I have worked extensively in various clinics, both in psychiatry and in ordinary consultancies, and I can definitely say that the experience of dealing with people with various pathologies of body and soul has allowed me to expand my horizons of understanding human nature and quickly understand the characteristics of the client's personality, the nature and system of events that have shaped it. Extensive clinical practice has taught me to see straight to the point and paradoxically to work better and more deeply with people without mental health problems.

Psychotherapy is an important and unique path of gradual change that we can follow together

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